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Perceptive Solutions Inc ( PSi ) has been producing invisible marking and mark detection systems since 1998. Through the innovation and vision of its founder, chief engineer and inventor Phil Evans, Perceptive Solutions Inc ( PSi ) is a world leader in industrial applications requiring invisible, non-invasive signatures for the purpose of in-process identification.

To date, Perceptive Solutions Inc ( PSi ) has produced hundreds of turnkey systems for more than a dozen applications that include:

  • Textile Shrinkage Measurement
  • Defect Marking
  • Fluid Tagging and Identification
  • Invisible Barcoding
  • Product Anti-counterfeiting

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The first step in any marking or measurement application is application consultation. Manufacturing processes are proprietary and specific to the end goods product.


Upon mutual acceptance we will perform an engineering, operational, and business analysis of the customer application, including business and technical needs.

Solution Design

After our engineers have gathered all pertinent data, a system solution design and associated costs will be delivered to the customer for evaluation, discussion and approval.

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